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All Sub-Quests done!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Today I’ve said to myself ‘today I’m gonna sit down and finish that last sub-quest boss!’. Said and done! It was a little bit tricky and I hate making boss enemies, but I’m really satisfied with the result. That means that only the Final Boss of the game remains and I’m done! :)

I’m trying to finish the main quest until May 1st. After that, I will start polishing the game (I’ve already made some blood effects a lot cooler – you will see^^) and get the music in the game. Yes, the music is still not in the game, but Josh has plenty to do and is making everything in his power to create the best OST possible for the game! If you have any doubt about that, you can listen to the current version of the title song right here:
Download Title Song mp3

The final release is planned for may 15th.

GunGirl 2 is almost done!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

What does this mean? Well, the estimated release in May 2010 is very realistic. Right now, GunGirl 2 To-Do List is down to two items. This means one last epic level and one last epic final boss – and I’m done… yay :D

While the last refinements on the soundtrack are being made, I will use the time to polish the game even more, insert two new play modes after you beat the game and add several details that will round up the game like an intro cutscene.

So, don’t think this gets abandoned now – GunGirl 2 took me about two years of my free time and I’m quite excited to get it finished soon :)

All To-Do-Lists Updated

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Did that ever happen to you? You work on a project and constantly you say to yourself “ah hell, this detail can be added in later…” and you continue working and working and some day you stumble across NPCs who don’t talk, graphics that are missing or just stuff that doesn’t really work? And you totally overlooked that stuff for about… all the freaking time?

Well, for me the last days were kind of sorting out all those little details and filling up my To-Do-Lists with them (and of course fixing it afterwards ^^).

There are now plenty of helpful guys around the game that will give you helpful information, depending on the current state of your story and your equipment status. So they won’t tell you stuff that you already found out yourself ;)

Also I’ve flipped around a few items in the status screen and fiddled about with them a bit, added some new ones and actually I have all slots in use now! That means that you will find up to 18 permanent items that you have to carry around (because they will give you abilities, open locked doors, activate mechanisms or something). There’s a total of ~40 items in the game, so luckily your player will auto-discard items that will no longer be needed.

Oh yeah, and main-plot-todo-list down to 4 ^^

First Final Boss Finished

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

2 days, 62 sprites and 99 events later, the first final boss of the game is done! He is one hell of a motherf*cker, I can tell you. When I showed him to Josh the first time, his response as “haha ew gross but i like” ^^

This screenshot is not so far into the game, but also something I just recently added. The game will have quite a few of references to movies and or books like this. If you have something in mind that just has to be in this too, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do :)

Rebalanced the Weapons

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Hey guys!
I know this may seem a little annoying, but I’ve spent another day or so balancing the game out. Might seem stupid, but the best thing I know to balance something is to actually play it – and look what I do. And why I do things not. For example in my last playthrough, I’ve barely used the Icicle Gun. So I came to the conclusion that the weapons need a little tweak here and there, so every weapon is useful until the end and fun to use.

Here a little more detail of what I did:
- Pistol alternate fire mode now has less accuracy
- Shotgun has new alternate fire mode (grenade launcher)
- Icicle Gun deals more damage, alternate fire is also quicker now
- Fireball Launcher deals slightly more damage against bigger enemies
- Sawblade Cannon now has 5 upgrades instead of 2
- ???? now has ??????? ?????? ???? ???????? ??.

Hell Marsh Gameplay Video

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I was bored a little, so I’ve made a quick gameplay video to show the new area of the game in motion. Featuring the original soundtrack of GG2! Watch in high quality!

ToDo-List Down to 5 Entries

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

This means I’m now at the first final boss of the game. Damn, it was the first sentence and I’m already starting with the spoilers. Unless you count that “yay” as a sentence…

Anyway, this means that almost every area in the game is done! There are only a few areas left that have some “holes” and even fewer ones are still blank. But I’m getting there :)

The Marsh Of Hell – Complete!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Another area is finished. This is not quite the final area of the game, but still pretty far. I’ve made two screenshots of this area to show the “polish” that I’m adding to every stage. The first one shows the “blocks” pretty obvious that the levels are made of. They have ugly cut-off edges and it doesn’t look natural in any way. On the second picture, I’ve started adding metal plates around the edges to make the level look more pleasing and less cutty-offy around edges. :)

If you’re wondering, why there’s water on the top – I’m always trying to make every area unique in the game. So in the hell marsh area, there’s water on the bottom and if you fall down, you will actually come out at the top and create an endless loop if you don’t hit any ground ;)

And yes, the tentacles in the background actually move around^^

More Levels Off The List

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Another level that is required for a side-quest is finished. I can now count the missing levels for the main plot and the one missing side plot on one hand! :)

Main plot = 90%
Side plot 1a = 100% (was in beta)
Side plot 1b = 100% (was not in beta^^)
Side plot 2 = 85%

Small update: If you’re wondering WHAT still has to be done, I can give away a few details. The graphics have been drawn, so the new areas are basically just a work of making the levels with copy&paste + creating the scripts. Some NPCs still need to be made, a few items are left for the story aaaand some secret specials that can be unlocked after the first playthrough :)

I’ve finally come up with a new special effect for all hell areas to make them look more unreal. It’s not the best or most original effect evar in a game, but it looks cool, so what the hell ;)

The next areas in the game will be all about platforming skills! Hanging, jumping, double jumping and some special… well, surprises! That will be fun to make :)

This images are btw from the hell version of the prison. I know, there are some dark levels in the game, but this is by far the darkest and hardest (even I die there while testing a few times on normal^^). There are also some new visual effects on the HUD when you lose health or gain G-Power (visible in pic1).

Main-Plot-Todo-List™ Down to 7 Entries

Monday, January 11th, 2010

This weekend has been very productive. I’ve finally been able to pull off one of the biggest and most evil places you will face in the game and I’m really happy with it! It has some unique special effects, but I won’t give anything away :)

That same productive weekend has also decreased my Main-Plot-ToDo-List™ entries to 7! The end is almost in reach, my friends…