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GG2 Tropes

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I don’t know how long this has been online, but it just recently came to my attention that there is a GunGirl 2 Tropes&Idioms page. How cool! Whoever added my game to this page, I’m very thankful and some of those tropes really made me laugh :D

Here my favourites:
Impossibly Cool Weapon:
The sawblade cannon and self-proclaimed “ultimate gun”, which include a railgun. The creator basically threw in whatever it would be cool to kill zombies with.

Good Bad Bugs:
You can rapid fire the shotgun and other weapons by alternating between shooting and raising your shield. The creator thought this was too fun to take out.

Crowning Music of Awesome:
Come on, this is Josh Whelchel, the guy behind The Spirit Engine 2 OST! The final boss theme in particular stands out.

The entire article is very well made. Read the full thing here!

The Making of GunGirl 2 OST

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Josh Whelchel and his gang did an awesome job on the GG2 soundtrack, that’s for sure. Lately Josh’s been posting some very interesting articles about the making of this beautiful work of art over at his blog! He gives a lot of insight on how he’s accomplishing his high production qualities, lets you listen to some early and never before published drafts of GG2 tracks, how the work with other live musicians went (including videos of the live recording) and a lot more (such as what a dick I was, always yelling at him and whipping him to make me more music ^^). No seriously, check it out! :)

#1 at Bytejacker

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Big thanks to all of you guys who voted GG2 for Free Indie of The Week over at! :D

#3 Revolt in Ogre Town (21%)
#2 Triggerman (29%)

#1 GunGirl 2 (50%)

You can watch this weeks episode of Bytejacker here.

GG2 at RockPaperShotgun + Blue Door fix

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I was quite surprised today when I got noticed about a mention of GunGirl 2 over at! It’s an honor for me and believe it or not, I had nothing to do with it. So thanks a lot :)

Another thing of notice came to me that some people got stuck somewhere in a level because a blue door is closed and the keycard is missing. This is a random glitch I overlooked and I have to apologize for the trouble it caused for some people. However, I’ve made a hot fix for this glitch, which can be found in my GG2 Forum.

Also, thanks for the nice response about the game I got from all around the world so far! It’s my biggest game I’ve made as a single guy (besides the soundtrack from Josh) and it’s a good feeling to see that many people seem to enjoy the game (although the server traffic cost is probably going to kill me by the end of the month).

It’s Here.

Monday, June 7th, 2010

GunGirl 2 is out! Enjoy :)