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New version 1.2 released!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

I have learned quite a lot in the past from various feedback that I got from all you players out there and I have to thank you for that. I have revisited my good old GG2 in the last week and I must say I wasn’t as happy with it as I thought I would be. The difficulty was quite hardcore and it got to a point where I thought that the game would be more enjoyable if the difficulty wasn’t as high as it was. Also I have found quite a lot of inconveniences that I wanted to iron out with this update.

So now I present to you this new and refined version. Grab it now from the Download Page!

Here is the list of changes made for 1.2:
- decreased amount of zombies that come out of grave stones on all difficulty settings.
- grave stones now only spawn zombies if the player is not standing on top of them.
- increased overall Energy Rifle damage.
- Energy Rifle now does extra damage to large enemies.
- increased base Icicle Gun rate of fire.
- limited ice sparkles simultaneously on screen for performance reasons.
- added chains to the invisible blocks before the final boss.
- decreased final boss health in first form by 1/3.
- fixed heavy rain in some marsh areas.
- you can now kill ghosts when you have the talisman.
- made a better hint for the shield in the city.
- tactical shield now has a better explanation text when you pick it up.
- some quest messages have been updated to give better information.
- hell prison area is now a lot easier to get through.
- fixed some areas where zombies could walk on air.
- relocated the save game machine in the forest.
- you now find a medikit in the first area that gives you a message about how to use it.
- fixed a missing boss music at the upside down tower boss.
- upside down tower boss has it’s health slightly decreased.
- some other minor modifications to tweak the overall difficulty.
- changed an area in hell city so that it’s easier to find the power orb.
- fixed some minor visual problems in some areas.
- added a save sign to the shotgun shack to make clear you can save the game inside.
- changed some lights in the science lab.