New Savegame Feature

I’ve rewritten my savegame routine of the game. With the old save feature, I could only save global values for the game like Shotgunammo, Pistolammo, Health etc.. I could not save anything that’s going on inside a level. 

With the new system, I can literally save EVERYTHING that’s going on in the entire game. Right now, I’m adding new stuff to the levels that are now possible with this new save engine and it’s a lot of fun :)

2 Responses to “New Savegame Feature”

  1. diexero says:

    How does that work?

  2. BlueEagle says:

    Well, I’ve switched from using arrays to inis. I can tell the ini to save anything I want (which was much more complicated using arrays). Say if in level 14 I want it to save if I have taken item #66, I write “level14, item66″ in the file :)