Behind the Curtain of some Power-Ups

I thought it might be interesting for some people to understand whats my motivation to add certain things to the game. Here is a little insight on a few Power-Ups!

Health Up

Before the new Power-Up system, there was only health ups in the game, so this was mandatory.


I thought of this Power-Up because of a lot of feedback I got from players. Some were complaining about the enemies taking down too much gun power per hit. But some said it was WAY too much, others found it a little too much and even others said it was okay. So I made this Power-Up, which decreases G-Power lost when touching enemies. Put more points into this if you feel like it or leave it alone :)


Then there were quite a few people who said there were too many G powers flying around in the game. So I thought of this Power-Up, which increases the maximum capacity of G-Power for every gun. This will stop most of the players from overflowing I hope (and if not, try a harder difficulty^^).

Bullet Upgrade

A lot of my friends just LOVE the pistols in GG2. I was playing with them a lot and for the later levels, I found myself not using them anymore, because there come more and more powerful enemies and the pistols lack… something! So I’ve made this Bullet Upgrade, which increases the size of your pistol clips and makes them useful again. I want every gun in the game to be useful, even in the latest stages.

Auto Shield

This was one of the later Power-Ups that came in my mind. I use the shield a lot when I play the game, but a lot of my friends just didn’t use it at all. They found the game quite hard and I told them to use the damn shield! But they found it annoying. So I came up with the Auto-Shield upgrade, which gives the player a percentage of autoblocking enemy attacks. You don’t have to take care of blocking yourself and the shield becomes a useful item again.

This was just a little overview of the first Power-Ups you can find in the game. There is a total of 18 unique Power-Ups, so I hope to have at least a few that will please your individual playing sytle :)

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