More Levels Off The List

Another level that is required for a side-quest is finished. I can now count the missing levels for the main plot and the one missing side plot on one hand! :)

Main plot = 90%
Side plot 1a = 100% (was in beta)
Side plot 1b = 100% (was not in beta^^)
Side plot 2 = 85%

Small update: If you’re wondering WHAT still has to be done, I can give away a few details. The graphics have been drawn, so the new areas are basically just a work of making the levels with copy&paste + creating the scripts. Some NPCs still need to be made, a few items are left for the story aaaand some secret specials that can be unlocked after the first playthrough :)

I’ve finally come up with a new special effect for all hell areas to make them look more unreal. It’s not the best or most original effect evar in a game, but it looks cool, so what the hell ;)

The next areas in the game will be all about platforming skills! Hanging, jumping, double jumping and some special… well, surprises! That will be fun to make :)

This images are btw from the hell version of the prison. I know, there are some dark levels in the game, but this is by far the darkest and hardest (even I die there while testing a few times on normal^^). There are also some new visual effects on the HUD when you lose health or gain G-Power (visible in pic1).

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