The Marsh Of Hell – Complete!

Another area is finished. This is not quite the final area of the game, but still pretty far. I’ve made two screenshots of this area to show the “polish” that I’m adding to every stage. The first one shows the “blocks” pretty obvious that the levels are made of. They have ugly cut-off edges and it doesn’t look natural in any way. On the second picture, I’ve started adding metal plates around the edges to make the level look more pleasing and less cutty-offy around edges. :)

If you’re wondering, why there’s water on the top – I’m always trying to make every area unique in the game. So in the hell marsh area, there’s water on the bottom and if you fall down, you will actually come out at the top and create an endless loop if you don’t hit any ground ;)

And yes, the tentacles in the background actually move around^^

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