Rebalanced the Weapons

Hey guys!
I know this may seem a little annoying, but I’ve spent another day or so balancing the game out. Might seem stupid, but the best thing I know to balance something is to actually play it – and look what I do. And why I do things not. For example in my last playthrough, I’ve barely used the Icicle Gun. So I came to the conclusion that the weapons need a little tweak here and there, so every weapon is useful until the end and fun to use.

Here a little more detail of what I did:
- Pistol alternate fire mode now has less accuracy
- Shotgun has new alternate fire mode (grenade launcher)
- Icicle Gun deals more damage, alternate fire is also quicker now
- Fireball Launcher deals slightly more damage against bigger enemies
- Sawblade Cannon now has 5 upgrades instead of 2
- ???? now has ??????? ?????? ???? ???????? ??.

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