All To-Do-Lists Updated

Did that ever happen to you? You work on a project and constantly you say to yourself “ah hell, this detail can be added in later…” and you continue working and working and some day you stumble across NPCs who don’t talk, graphics that are missing or just stuff that doesn’t really work? And you totally overlooked that stuff for about… all the freaking time?

Well, for me the last days were kind of sorting out all those little details and filling up my To-Do-Lists with them (and of course fixing it afterwards ^^).

There are now plenty of helpful guys around the game that will give you helpful information, depending on the current state of your story and your equipment status. So they won’t tell you stuff that you already found out yourself ;)

Also I’ve flipped around a few items in the status screen and fiddled about with them a bit, added some new ones and actually I have all slots in use now! That means that you will find up to 18 permanent items that you have to carry around (because they will give you abilities, open locked doors, activate mechanisms or something). There’s a total of ~40 items in the game, so luckily your player will auto-discard items that will no longer be needed.

Oh yeah, and main-plot-todo-list down to 4 ^^

2 Responses to “All To-Do-Lists Updated”

  1. Ontarget says:

    Can’t wait to play. Are you gonna release when you get the main-plot-todo-list done or do you have other todo lists

  2. admin says:

    There are a few other things that also need to be done before release besides main plot. But when the main plot-line is finished, I will probably launch the final beta phase :)