GunGirl 2 is almost done!

What does this mean? Well, the estimated release in May 2010 is very realistic. Right now, GunGirl 2 To-Do List is down to two items. This means one last epic level and one last epic final boss – and I’m done… yay :D

While the last refinements on the soundtrack are being made, I will use the time to polish the game even more, insert two new play modes after you beat the game and add several details that will round up the game like an intro cutscene.

So, don’t think this gets abandoned now – GunGirl 2 took me about two years of my free time and I’m quite excited to get it finished soon :)

One Response to “GunGirl 2 is almost done!”

  1. Ontarget says:

    Sounds great. Do you know if early may or late may?

    PS: is not this game. do not confuse.