All Sub-Quests done!

Today I’ve said to myself ‘today I’m gonna sit down and finish that last sub-quest boss!’. Said and done! It was a little bit tricky and I hate making boss enemies, but I’m really satisfied with the result. That means that only the Final Boss of the game remains and I’m done! :)

I’m trying to finish the main quest until May 1st. After that, I will start polishing the game (I’ve already made some blood effects a lot cooler – you will see^^) and get the music in the game. Yes, the music is still not in the game, but Josh has plenty to do and is making everything in his power to create the best OST possible for the game! If you have any doubt about that, you can listen to the current version of the title song right here:
Download Title Song mp3

The final release is planned for may 15th.

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