End Boss ready + Final Beta Testing!

The last Boss of the game is complete! It was quite a big one if you excuse the pun here. But this means, the game is finished. You can play from start right till the end and every location is there :)

So why just 97% and not 100?
1. Still some things are missing like end credits etc.
2. Need people to do a beta test before it gets released!

Josh and I are doing everything in our power to make the game 100% complete as soon as possible. But before it can turn to 100%, I want the game to be tested before official release by at least 10 people. That means I need your help! If you are willing to help me improve the quality of the game, please leave a comment or write me an email.

What I want from beta testers:
- detailled reports
- critique about anything, whether it’s good or bad aspects of the game
- your opinion about anything you like, gameplay, flow, enemies, weapons, power-ups etc.
- tell me about bugs or things that bother you so I can see into it
- if possible with attached pictures!

The beta test will probably start NEXT WEEK(END?)! And it will take about 1 week or maybe longer if necessary!

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