Arcade Mode + Final Beta Test Begins this Weekend

As if the Infinity Mode wasn’t enough, I throw in a little bonus. When you’ve completed the game, an Arcade Mode will unlock. In this mode, you are fully loaded with weapons and armor and you can choose one of five stages to battle the infinite hordes of the undead to gain a high score!

All went well this week and I’ve completed almost everything that was left in the game. This means that the Final Beta will start this weekend! I don’t know if saturday or sunday – but just so you know ;)

So far I got around 7 testers. It’s not 10 people like I intended, but some testers I got are quite talented, so I think we will be fine. If you are NOT one of them already, feel free to join this testing elite and help me improve the game ^^

PS: You want proof? This is a screenshot after my latest playthrough :)

And yes, it was only on normal – I know! I’m a pussy :(

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