Release on June 5th

Okay guys, put your excited-pants on. Ready? The testing goes very well and I got a ton of feedback so far. The last show-stoppers have been ironed out and the gameplay balance has reached a point where everyone is happy about it. Of course my testers still continue testing and I will continue improving the game.

So… what now? Ah yes, almost forgot.

June 5th

Get ready… :)

2 Responses to “Release on June 5th”

  1. Ontarget says:


  2. DooXasT says:

    Ура блять!!!!! Наконец-то, совершилось!!!!!!! Охуенно, осталось подождать чуток =))))
    I mean, I’m very happy! YAHOO !!!!!!!!! It is done!! left to wait =))