GG2 at RockPaperShotgun + Blue Door fix

I was quite surprised today when I got noticed about a mention of GunGirl 2 over at! It’s an honor for me and believe it or not, I had nothing to do with it. So thanks a lot :)

Another thing of notice came to me that some people got stuck somewhere in a level because a blue door is closed and the keycard is missing. This is a random glitch I overlooked and I have to apologize for the trouble it caused for some people. However, I’ve made a hot fix for this glitch, which can be found in my GG2 Forum.

Also, thanks for the nice response about the game I got from all around the world so far! It’s my biggest game I’ve made as a single guy (besides the soundtrack from Josh) and it’s a good feeling to see that many people seem to enjoy the game (although the server traffic cost is probably going to kill me by the end of the month).

2 Responses to “GG2 at RockPaperShotgun + Blue Door fix”

  1. kevin says:

    Perhaps you woukld like to link to this news too? ( Nice game you made there!

  2. Mterme says:

    To cut down server bandwide costs, refer people to the download at the great Freeware Files website: