Update 1.1 released!

Today the patch 1.1 has been released. There are two main new features that this update adds to the game.

Endless Mode
Know MegaMan 9 or MegaMan 10 Endless Stage? This is almost like it. When you play as the Secret Character, a new NPC at the mall will give you an endless amount of fresh new randomly generated missions. Each time you win a mission, you get a reward and your next mission will be longer then the previous. Play this mode for a while and you will see the name of this mode is fitting!

Online High Scores
Are you good enough to compete with the best players in the world? When you finish a map of the Arcade Mode, you will see the leaderboard of every high score of different players worldwide. Shoot zombies and gain the high score to show everyone who’s King (yes you even get a crown!) :D

Impossible Jump Easy Mode
Yes, you asked for it, now you got it. The “impossible block jump” will be easier if you play on Normal. ;)

Several bug fixes
Can’t shoot while pressing up? Can’t win against a certain boss? Well, I’m listening to my players and of course I have tried to address as many glitches and flaws as possible. Still not satisfied? Please feel free to discuss it in the forums!

Have a nice day :)

6 Responses to “Update 1.1 released!”

  1. How do I install the patch if I have version 1.0b? Do I need to download and re-install the complete game?

  2. admin says:

    If you have v1.0b, you can simply download the full version of GunGirl 2 v1.1 in the download section and just replace the old GunGirl 2.exe file with the new one.

  3. Butcher says:

    Paul Schneider, GunGirl 2 is AWESOME!!!! If i were a girl, i would kiss you. LOL. Very nice work. Suggestion: Boss Mode, Game Guide, “Contra Secret Character”. :) Have Fun. Bye

  4. OpethMania says:

    this game is amazing good job

  5. solus says:

    Great game… been playing it for last few days … Can’t wait to try v1.1… :)

  6. Evgeny Baskakov says:

    Hi Paul,
    Playing GunGirl2 right now… It’s just COOL, AWESOME!!
    Can’t believe you made it by youself alone! Great work.
    Thank you sooooooooo much for this cool game!