GG2 Featured in GameStar (Germany)

This is my big day :)
Today I bought the latest issue of GameStar (the biggest PC gaming magazine in Germany) and even after being prepared by one forum member and a buddy of mine – I was totally blown out of my socks :D

I opened the issue on page 84 and there it is. A third of a page devoted to my beloved GunGirl ^^. Of couse I have to frame this page and treasure it as a defining moment in my life for my first ever appearance in a game magazine with my very own little game I made in my free time. Hopefully some company finds this and sees some potential in me and I can make games for a living some day… what? Reality? Yeah, the chances are probably very low… but I can still dream about it, can’t I? ;)

Thanks to all the players, thanks to everyone who donated and support me and thanks for everyone who spread the word about GunGirl 2 and made it known all over the world! This is a great day in my life and I realize that I’ve really accomplished something that I can be proud of :)

9 Responses to “GG2 Featured in GameStar (Germany)”

  1. RedEyes says:

    i know gg2 from gamestar, i played 5hours on the first day^^

  2. Nere says:

    You are also on the DVD, congratulations :)

    Just saw it and downloading now :D

  3. As i said earlier…
    Now it became a reality :)

  4. Maggo0 says:

    I know your Game also from Gamestar. Looking forward to play;)

  5. saffas says:

    hey congrats!

    but I have a question, is there a complete solution for the game anywhere?
    somehow I cant go on in a level there are 2 guys and 1 shop to buy things and an orb under glass but
    when I continue to the right there is a huge “Hall” with spikes everywhere I cant go on its too high to jump what must I do? thx…

  6. admin says:

    You can look in the forums of this page, there is a 100% walkthrough. But to answer your question, after talking to the guy and getting the book, you have to go back one screen and use the portal. After that go inside the house and you can talk to the other guys in there.

  7. saffas says:

    ok I found it out but how do I kill the bonespitter?

  8. Slidr says:

    really nice game! Found it through the GameStar! Keep on making such good games and please stick to the old school graphics!

  9. Matteo says:

    Nice game