DC Part 05 – Alternate Fire

In this part of my developer commentary, I go out to find the pistol alternate fire and also the shotgun alternate fire. After that, we head out into the desert.

One Response to “DC Part 05 – Alternate Fire”

  1. Mike says:

    Like other previous videos, they’re good. So I won’t give details of it.
    As you mentioned about versatility of weapons due to alt-fire, you made weapon system like in Painkiller – each of weapons are neccessary to use and have alt-fires. And I appreciate this feature, unlike other overrated fps, where most of weapons are useless for good.
    This shield trick is also nice. Although it breaks game a bit, like Spreadshot from Contra series, makes game the more fun, therefore MORE replayable ;)
    BTW, I thought bubbles in underwater are inspired from Super Mario instead Megaman :O