GG2 Tropes

I don’t know how long this has been online, but it just recently came to my attention that there is a GunGirl 2 Tropes&Idioms page. How cool! Whoever added my game to this page, I’m very thankful and some of those tropes really made me laugh :D

Here my favourites:
Impossibly Cool Weapon:
The sawblade cannon and self-proclaimed “ultimate gun”, which include a railgun. The creator basically threw in whatever it would be cool to kill zombies with.

Good Bad Bugs:
You can rapid fire the shotgun and other weapons by alternating between shooting and raising your shield. The creator thought this was too fun to take out.

Crowning Music of Awesome:
Come on, this is Josh Whelchel, the guy behind The Spirit Engine 2 OST! The final boss theme in particular stands out.

The entire article is very well made. Read the full thing here!

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