Ever gun in GunGirl 2 can be upgraded multiple times. Each gun has 3 power levels which you can upgrade by collecting the purple G’s that enemies drop. Besides that, you can find special power-ups that enable an alternate fire mode and several other new features for every gun.

This is the standard gun you begin with. It shoots a straight line until it hits an enemy or obstacle.  It deals decent damage and is very versatile, even in late game.
  • Level 1: simple revolver, 8 rounds, slow reload, 1-3 damage
  • Level 2: semi-automatic pistol, 12 rounds, faster reload, 1-3 damage
  • Level 3: two semi-automatic pistols, 24 rounds, fastest reload, 1-3 damage
  • Shotgun
    A girl’s best friend. The shotgun makes close combat a real treat. It uses 12g buckshot ammunition, which blasts every nearby zombies into pieces.
  • Level 1: standard shotgun, slow reload, slow bullet speed, 6-18 damage
  • Level 2: tactical shotgun, fast reload, fast bullet speed, 6-18 damage
  • Level 3: automatic shotgun, no reload, fast bullet speed, 6-18 damage
  • Icicle Gun
    This fully automatic rifle shoots frozen ice bolts. The higher your level, the higher the rate of fire. On the third level, the Icicle Gun can also freeze your opponents.
  • Level 1: old model, slow firing speed, 1-6 damage
  • Level 2: upgraded model, fast firing speed, 1-6 damage
  • Level 3: liquid ice enhanced model, fast firing speed, 1-6 damage, freezes enemies and turns them into ice bombs that explode for 8-48 damage
  • Fireball Launcher
    This thing shoots massive fireballs that explode on impact, making it an excellent weapon for killing multiple enemies at once. When you get to level 3, it shoots two fireballs simultaneously.
  • Level 1: slow firing speed, max two fireballs on screen
  • Level 2: fast firing speed, max three fireballs on screen
  • Level 3: fast firing speed, max six fireballs on screen, fires two fireballs at the same time
  • Sawblade Cannon
    No further informations released.
    Only hell knows, what this thing is…