“When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.”

Most enemies in GunGirl 2 are undead evil monsters that have only one thing in their minds… to chew on your flesh! Here is a short overview of some enemies that you will encounter in the game.

Green Walker
The first enemies in the game are zombies. They might have the intelligence of a hamster and don’t take much damage, but they will come in numbers. Great numbers! And they can run…
Hit points: 5
Specials: Come in great numbers, can run when they smell fresh meat
Red Walker
The second kind of zombies. Shoot them once and they will come back to life. Shoot them twice and they will stay down. Another way to quick kill these bastards is to give them a frost shock from your Icicle Gun.
Hit points: 5 (times two)
Specials: Can run when they smell fresh meat, have to be killed twice
Fatso w/ Chainsaw
Now there’s a real killing machine. A fatso with a chainsaw! This guy takes a lot of damage and he will try to ram his rusty chainsaw inside you whenever he can. He will even turn around, if you try to attack him from behind. Avoid his chainsaw, or you will be ripped to pieces in no time.
Hit points: 64
Specials: Attacks with a chainsaw, turns around if you attack from behind
Zombie Lady
This is the zombie version of GunGirl. She has a trusty rifle, but she is a real camper. She doesn’t move, but her aim is very accurate. Kill her from far distances to evade her bullets.
Hit points: 32
Specials: Has sniper rifle, camper
This guy is armed and dangerous. Whenever you get in is sight, he will aim and shoot at you with his shotgun. Try to kill him before he shoots you down.
Hit points: 8
Specials: Shoots with a shotgun
Eye Blob Demon
This ugly demon has returned from the first GunGirl game. It is invisible until you come within it’s reach. After that, it will hunt you relentlessly until it can take a juicy bite from you. Watch out! When you kill it, it will shoot out it’s eyeball after you.
Hit points: 20
Specials: Invisible until in reach, follows you, shoots eyeball after death
Another unholy monster is the Skeleton. It will haunt the player after he has set foot on hellish grounds. The Skeleton shrieks in pain and throws it’s bones after the player. Stay away when you kill it, because it will explode in a large radius, flooding the air with bones.
Hit points: 8
Specials: Throws bones, explodes in a lot of bones when it gets killed
A spiked monster that rises from the ground or water. It spits green balls of acid in various directions towards you. Avoid the attacks and keep shooting at it, because it will take quite a beating before it explodes into bits.
Hit points: 40
Specials: Rises from the ground, spits acid towards the player
The biggest and baddest of the regular zombies. This fat guy comes out of graves and is armed with giant cleavers. When you come close, he will smite you with it. And when you run away, he will throw that thing in your back. This tough bastard isn’t easy to bring down – be cautious.
Hit points: 128
Specials: Throws cleavers, turns around when attacked from behind, slashes with giant cleaver.

There are more enemies in the game, but they will not be releaved on this page.